Life Enterprises was founded by Linda Neumann Perez, Life Coach. She is a charter member of CoachVille and has numerous presentations ready for workshops at local colleges, universities, and churches in the Southern California area. She led a weekly life-coaching group for one year at the Mental Health Association in Santa Ana, CA.

Linda holds her private practice in Orange County, CA, and sees her clients on a weekly basis. Her niche is: Plan Your Life, Live Your Dreams. She helps people find, then plan, and then pursue their dream life!

Life Enterprises is networked with investment, real estate-investing, legal insurance, and other organizations.


These are example presentations. Certain presentations may be presented with the encouragement of donations in place of a fee.

  • Plan Your Life, Live Your Dreams
    This presentation details the physiological importance of pursuing something that you love. It talks about how career satisfaction is the number one determinant of longevity, and how to raise mature, responsible children at a 99.6% success rate.
  • God’s Best For Your Life
    Typically given in churches, this covers how God made you and how to find a life with purpose by following your passions.
  • What Do I Want to Do When I Grow Up?
    Finding what your essential self says “NO” and “YES” to, we chart a course for a successful life.
  • Charting Your Course
    Using your essential self’s “NO” and “YES” as a guide to our trip, we take a ride in a speed boat or wave runner and literally chart a course using Maslow’s Need Hierarchy as a frame. A comprehensive approach to your life while teaching decision-making skills.
  • Weeding Out Your Life’s Garden
    Talks about eliminating setbacks. We go through a list of 1,000.
  • Let’s Have Coffee!
    Life Coaching is done over coffee at a local coffeehouse or over the phone for 30 minutes to one hour a week. We explore all areas of your life for a more fulfilling, abundant life.
  • Presentations
    Given at your church, school, college, university, or community organization, presentations are for the benefit of the community.
  • Power Team
    The Power Team is a group of individuals who want to change the world and are starting with themselves. Run in weekly meetings, the Power Team is a mastermind group to start your own dreams or business or other life goals.
  • Discounts
    Linda provides free financial lifestyle strategies, discounted legal services, and free and discounted real estate investor services.
Rates & Testimonials
  • All individual packages start with one complimentary session.
  • All packages include complimentary referrals to other professionals.
30 minutes of coaching per weekIndividual$150 per month
60 minutes of coaching per weekIndividual$300 per month
60 minutes of coaching per week, plus daily accountabilityIndividual$500 per month
Presentation: Plan Your Life, Live Your Dreams!Group$100 per person
Career PresentationGroup$100 per person
School PresentationGroup$25 per student (paid by school or student)
Integrity Day
(ongoing conference call)
Online$100 for 5 hours
Continuous Support for Rehab Center or Homeless OrganizationResident Life Coach$60,000-$80,000 per year (worth $144,000)

Rates may be flexible under special circumstances. Please contact Linda for more information.

“Linda worked as my business coach to help me develop and launch an online business. I found her insight extremely helpful and appreciated that she held me accountable to the goals I set.” – Shawn

Hey! You gave my boyfriend and I this sheet to write down goals and now we are moving from a Berkeley house to San Diego to live in a sailboat! Thanks for jumpstarting our dreams ❤❤❤ — Molly

“I came to Linda my sophomore year of college as a girl who was confused with what she wanted to pursue in school as well as a future career. I struggled with debilitating anxiety, which would hinder me from staying on track with my personal life as well as my academic life. First off, Linda’s uplifting and warm personality instantly put me at ease and allowed me to trust her and open up immediately with my various struggles.

She is calm, organized and methodical in her coaching process, which allowed me to breathe knowing that I was getting the help I needed. Not only was she helpful during our scheduled meetings, but the way her coaching is set up allows for contact whenever necessary. This approach worked wonderfully for me and I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a personal boost and motivation.

I worked with her sporadically over the course of about five years and I can proudly say that the amount of progression I have made with my personal life and career is more than I could have ever imagined. I am now a mentor, professional make-up artist and educator. I am beyond happy with my life and will be able to utilize and continue building off of what Linda has taught me for the rest of my life.” — Cassie

I was fortunate to have Linda as my life coach. She has an uncanny way of knowing what works best for most situations. I use the tools Linda has provided on a daily basis, and find myself working towards the goals I have set for myself. Linda’s life experience makes her the perfect coach to direct people to find what works best and apply it. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone that is having difficulty navigating life’s twists and turns. — Russ

“Linda was very easy to talk to. Very professional while making you feel at ease. I think I left her council with more self-realization and less anxiety as I was able to see myself through a listening ear with the right questions. The drills and questionnaires really make you think and give a sense of priorities and focus. Her service gave me a noticeable difference in thinking for the good. ” — Kemper

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